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We just found $195,000! 

  •  $145K in Employer Based Incentives

  •  $50K in commercial propery incentives

Specialized Tax Strategies

Improve cash flow

We do the work

Expense Reductions

Find money for your business. 

Emergency business relief

Tax law provisions are available to help you recover financially from the impact of a disaster. By completing a quick survey, our software will search hundreds of Local, State, and Federal programs that fit your qualifications and help you claim your benefit.

6 Strategies in 60 seconds

Employer Based Incentives are all over the news; ERC, WOTC, Disaster Area ERC. Most businesses don't realize they are entitled to these tax credits. Check eligibility here by clicking the button to see if you qualify.

real estate tax savings


Amazing benefit to commercial property owners, quick turnaround, and recommended by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Are you utilizing it to its full capacity? 

Tax expense recapture survey

Recapturing your cash flow through claiming expenses is simple but often overlooked. Through the help of a short survey, we can identify areas in which you can recapture your taxes and reduce expenses.

We are experts in understanding complex tax code and expense reduction methods to maximize your savings and get you cash flow. 


And, it doesn't cost you anything unless we find savings for you.

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