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Improve your CASH FLOW

without spending a dime.

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We help you improve your cash flow. 

Specialized Tax Strategies

Improve cash flow

We do the work

Expense Reductions

Big businesses have entire teams to help them improve cash flow using tax strategies and expense reduction methods.



                                                        BUT FOR SOME BUSINESSES, IT ISN'T THAT SIMPLE...

  • Not everyone has a team dedicated to realizing these savings

  • You had no idea this even existed.

  • You are busy running your business 

  • Understanding tax strategy is complicated

We help business owners find capital in their businesses through specialized tax strategies and expense reduction methods.

Don't leave money on the table. Find the money. Get the money.


CASH FLOW with our help.

We get it. You're busy running your business.

But, in as little as 15 minutes we can determine if you qualify for any programs, and give you an estimate of your expected tax savings.

We just found $195,000! 

  •  $145K in Employer Based Incentives

  •  $50K in commercial property incentives

How it Works

Don't leave money on the table 


There is money waiting for you in your business.  With tax strategies and expense reduction, most businesses' average savings is 6 figures.


We have tools that uncover where that money is. In as little as 15 minutes, Gerald gives you an estimate of your savings. 

Find the money


Get the money

We help you. We execute on your behalf, work with your CPA or finance team, or do it yourself. 

How We Find the Money


Overall, this will increase your company cash flow and reduce your tax liability 

Tax refunds and credits

Looking through tax refunds on prior years with interest and while carrying forward un-utilized credits up to 20 years

Reduce expenses

Reducing current expenses will increase cash flow and maximizing hiring tax incentives for will help your business save on taxes.

Depreciate deductions

Generating 100% of depreciation deductions awarded on any commercial real estate that has been constructed, purchased, expanded or remodeled

increase cash flow

Overall, this will increase your company cash flow and reduce your tax liability 


Strategic tax savings

We apply strategic tax savings through specialized tax incentives to find areas that we can save you money

Strategic  Tax Savings

We  apply strategic tax savings through specialized tax incentives to find areas that we can save you money

And remember...

There is no cost unless we find money for you

Saving solutions for virtually every industry. If you are operating in the United States, our process is entirely industry agnostic. We have worked with a wide range of industries from manufacturing to restaurants to construction to medical to real estate … (We could go on and on) 
If we cannot help, we are quick to say so!
We service all 50 States, we come to you, and the process only takes about 15 minutes.

Can you help a business like mine? What type of businesses do you help?

Most of the work is done by our team.
We focus on saving you money so you can stay focused on growing your company.
Depending on the project, management time averages a few minutes to 3 to 4 hours total.  We work with your CPA to uncover cash.  Most CPAs don't do what we do or have the engineering background...
it's why they work with us.

How involved is my management team? How involved are my external advisors?

Although every project is different, we are quite affordable. Especially since we share in the realized savings to our clients. You can get through the first two-steps of our process at no cost, and key actionable areas to go it alone... or engage us to execute for you! Pay us out of realized savings. We are paid for execution, not ideas! A typical reaction to our work is "Why wouldn't I do this?" or "It costs me more money if I don't engage you!"

How much is it? What are the costs involved?

It’s your business, of course you can! 

We’ve had success. We’ve made all the mistakes. Learn from us. Our resource network / affiliate team of specialists have yielded more than $6B for clients

Can I do this on my own?

Most of the work is done by our team.  A quick 3 minute phone call with determine whether a survey is warranted. This initial chat is a part of the survey.  We need 15 minutes for the Tax & Expense Survey; free initial consult.  We provide 30+ minutes to answer your questions. After that, depending on the service engaged, cash flow can be realized immediately (48 hours), cash flow in several weeks (4 to 6 weeks) and recurring year over year.

How long does it take?

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